Friday, March 4, 2011

Learning from my mistakes

This is all about I personally learnt from my experiance :-

If you want to win :-

choose your team mates/counterparts only  by their talents not because of they known to you....

When you felt something is your goal  or you want to make it as your achievement

Choose yourside team mates by their mindsets/characters

most people give up things easily in the first level of difficulty
some will try for few times
some just commiting things based on curiosity - this kind of people can have secret enjoyment if you fail...

But give importantance to people who really dedicate themselves till the end of that achievement (whether it is failure or success)  and they can ready to face any situation and overcome from that.

I believe people who are strong in their views and opinions eventhough they are right or wrong. These kind of people I met in my life very few. But really they are mentally too much strong and this kind of people we can believe at any time. because they won't change their mindsets based on current situations and scenarios.

I hate people who are always boasting themselves eventhough there is nothing in their speech. I personally don't like persons who always depends others like parents, friends ..etc.... Because they can change anytime and we should not beleieve them at any circumstances

Whatever I gave based on my personal experiance and my views...


Senthil Prabu said...

I totally agree with you..however wht i can share from my view is

# you cant always hav talented ppl in ur team. I suggest to make them talented,tht wil make you perfect leader. Understand their +, before assgning any task to them...

# At times, you have to change/alter your views according to nature than situation. But v always give importance to situation.

# i hope loving is important than believing.Evn our beloved one might not hav strong mind by nature,they are like that means accept it.

Its better to avoid ppl than hating ppl.

dfdd said...

hay great post ....and i agree whatever you wrote but not totally .....sorry for that

dfdd said...

hay great yaar nice pose ....but i m not totally agree sorry for that .....keep it up

dfdd said...

hay nice one